5 Strategies to Digital Parenting

Technology and Social Media come with greater responsibility for parents in terms of monitoring their children’s use and time. Before you hand over the new iPad or cell phone, have a family discussion around how technology and social media will be used. Here are 5 key tips for keeping your children safe and technology use [...]

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The Parenting Toolbox

6 Basics for Parenting your Child If you’re struggling with disciplining your child, maybe its time to go back to basics. 1.  Set rules.  All children need consistent rules and limits, so they understand what is expected of them.  Compose a list of family rules that are clear and reasonable. 2.  Practice positive attention.  [...]

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5 Ways to Promote Positive Mental Health in Our Kids

As the focus on physical health has turned to prevention and making good choices, so too should our view of mental health, especially when it comes to our children.   With the rise of teen mental health problems, we must acknowledge that children and young people are feeling more stress than ever.  Tending to our [...]

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Parenting Drug Free Kids

Parenting Drug Free Kids 5 Lessons For Parents Lay the ground work early, don’t wait until you have a teenager to start addressing the issue of addiction 1. Communication-Do all you can to keep an open conversation between you and your child.  Children who lack a connection with a loving parent or adult are [...]

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5 Parenting Tips for the Anxious Child-Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Manage Stress

Some children suffer from stress and anxiety from the time they are preschool age, while others develop it in grammar school or the teenage years.  Parents often feel unprepared and frustrated when trying to help their child overcome these issues.  Many times parents cannot differentiate between a serious anxiety disorder or the more common emotion [...]

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