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ŸParent/Child Mental Health Issues


Ÿ Teen/Young Adult Challenges

ŸWork-Life Balance

ŸSocialization Issues

ŸSibling Rivalry

Co-Parenting Divorce

Bedtime Sleep Issues


Joanne Cuneo can guide you in becoming a confident parent while raising healthy, responsible children, in a positive home environment

Joanne Cuneo, LMSW Parent Coach

Joanne is a licensed social worker and parent coach with over thirty years experience working with parents and children.  Her practice is conveniently located in Huntington Village, Long Island, NY.  From preschool through the young adult years, Joanne coaches parents through periods of growth and challenges.  With her coaching skills, parents can begin to create long lasting positive changes in their families.  Services are offered in person and by phone.

The Parenting Toolbox

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6 Basics for Parenting your Child If you’re struggling with disciplining your child, maybe its time to go back to basics. 1.  Set rules.  All children need consistent rules and limits, so they understand [...]

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